Andrea Moon

Educator, Performer, Director, Writer


Andrea Moon is a playwright, poet, performer and teacher. Her theatrical work has been produced at small theatres and Universities across the country as well as in Italy and China.  Andrea’s written work has been published by Dramatic Publishing, eclectica online literary journal, Applause Books, and New York Theatrical Experience. Currently she is the Head of Theatre Studies and an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Colorado where she teaches dramatic literature and movement for the actor. Andrea holds a PhD in Theatre History/Criticism from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a member of Pacific Performance Project Studio Collective and teaches Aerial Silks at Limelight Studio in Fort Collins. When she's not writing, performing or teaching she can be found throwing pots, swinging wildly from various aerial dance apparatuses or hanging out in the foothills of Colorado.