Andrea Moon

Educator, Performer, Director, Writer


Dog Justice

C 2007

Candy all too frequently ends up in a home for victims of domestic violence, and Lana has had enough. In the form of a wrapped package, Lana gives Candy the choice: either stand up to her abusive husband or continue living in fear and on the run.

Running Time: 20 minutes

First produced by The Drilling CompaNY 2007

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From the Play:

Lana: I’m giving you a gift here Candy. I’m giving you my father’s gift. Use it or don’t use it, but pick it up. Go on. It’s real simple. Comforting even. It’s heavy and you know what it is? It’s not just the metal; it’s my father’s love. It’s my dad taking the responsibility for right in his own two hands so that Triss and I would learn that sometimes, if you just take responsibility for it, the good guys do win. It’s solid. Just pick it up. Hold it in your hand. Pick it up and then I will go get Trissa. She’ll come in and ask you all the same questions, get all the same answers. She’ll write down whatever little lie she can so you can settle in here for a while. You’ll settle in, go to all the groups say all the right things, talk about changing your name, finding a job and an apartment. Bide time until you know things have cooled down and he’s just scared enough or bored enough to behave and then you can go back, like you know you’re going to anyway. Only this time with protection. Why don’t you pick it up? Because you know you won’t be able to put it down?