Andrea Moon

Educator, Performer, Director, Writer



Incognito Indigo

c 2009

What color would you wear if you could never be yourself again? Where would you run, covered in that color? What if you made the choice to finally let go of it all? Amidst a web of memory, partners Renee and Jess pit morality against self-preservation in a story about the lifelong consequence of the choices we make.

Running Time: 20 minutes

First Produced by the Drilling CompaNY 2009

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From the play:

Renée and Jess sitting together. Renée in front of Jess; Jess’ legs around her. Their palms are together playing that game where one person tries to slap the other’s hands and the other tries to move their hands away quickly enough to miss the slap. But they’ve added their own rules. It’s a game they’ve played a thousand times and, even though they know this is probably the last time, they play it very quickly. Renée’s hands are on top, Jess tries to slap them but Renée pulls them away in time.

Renée: Ha. The color of the house in Remington.

Jess: Somewhere between bright blue and dull purple.

Hands together, Jess’ on top. Jess wins.

Jess: What we called that particular never seen before shade.

Renée: Incognito Indigo.

Hands together, Renée’s on top, Jess wins.

Jess: The cat next door in Oxford.

Renée: Catabunga.

Jess: No lie.

Renée: No lie.

Jess: Can’t make that shit up.