Andrea Moon

Educator, Performer, Director, Writer



Wei-wu-wei: a Chinese word denoting the state of mind accompanying acting by not acting, doing nothing at the right time for the right reason

I will sit in the silence

I will let it unfold around and within me as a map

Through the mysterious country of relation

without the fiction of future

I will grasp my tongue

Between forefinger and thumb to hold it still

So as to hear the harmonies of the world

No matter how softly it sings

I will return to the sensation of my breath

see what is in front of me in profound

benign observation

I will see without expectation

I will see without heat

And I will accept the sensation of being seen

Be open to the truth of what you see in me

though it may not be my full experience of self

I will hold you in the cage of my heart

But will not lock the door nor

Clip the wings of your separateness

Nor grasp too hard for the pieces

Of you that are kept from me

I will engage in the prayer that is being

in the fullness of its agony and its ecstasy

 Failing any of these

I will return to the moon

the lessons she offers on perception  and reality

Will remember the mirage

That her being is slowly chipped away

And rebuilt again by time

Remember I can love the illusion but know the truth:

Her mass never changes, hangs forever heavy there

in shadow and in shining

I will think of her in her various guises

Of wholeness sweetly kissing

the horizon as she rises

I will think of her in her naked fullness

 throwing silver daggers through my window blinds

and slivering my flesh into strips of light

I will let these strips

Soak through my skin to replace

My human heart


Even if only for the minute infinity

Between beat and beat.