Andrea Moon

Educator, Performer, Director, Writer



Tarot Cycle #1 - The King of Cups (Reversed)

Divination had grown stale

when he appeared

cup upended spilling

emotion to seed

the primordial water


it was the sceptered hand though

that unzipped me

all that bewitchery radiating

even in his untoward position

reversed and diamond smiling



there was a dream once

where the oceans rose to meet

me in my bed

his coming was like that

a kind of nightmare

hung from the line

between sensual anticipation

and horror of drowning

when the finally water enfolded

my bower


the deception wasn't what I thought

but was like that dream of

waves rising toward me

as if I were falling forward

sinking face first into

storm-tossed sky liquefied

it was like that


the thing you count on

that refuses to hold its shape

that kind of betrayal


he stayed


but would transform

rightside himself

dim and hide his scepter

with growing towardness

upending me instead

and calling upon a maelstrom

to siphon his spilled seed

from my primordial sea.